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Creating a Multi-Section Surface – Coupling:

Step 1: Goto Mechanical Design > Wireframe & Surface design….
Step 2: Click on Plane Icon here dialog box will opens select offset and set specified dimensions.
Step 3: Select the plane and click of Sketch Task Environment and it directly takes you to Sketchy Window.
Step 4: Here select any Sketch tool to Sketch a Profile; I selected Profile Sketch tool to sketch a profile and exit Sketch Task Environment.
Step 5: Now select another plane and create a Sketch profile with specified dimensions and exit sketch Task Environment.
Step 6: Now go to Insert > Surface > Multi-Section Surface… here select the sketch profile as section 1 and 2.AND Select Coupling options and select  the edge point and connect both planer Sketch… and click on OK.

Multi-Section Surface – Coupling is created

Refer Images…